Principal's Corner

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I'd like to welcome you to what will be another impactful school year at the new Hamilton Elementary School.

My name is Jodie Johnson and I am the proud principal of this school. I am excited to begin what will be an amazing year of academic growth for your child.

I have spent the last 14 years in Elyria City Schools servicing Elyria High School for 11 years and am beginning my 3rd year servicing elementary students.

I am pleased to be entering into the new building of Hamilton Elementary School and excited for the learning that will take place in this 21st century educational environment.

With a heart for the success of students and families in this community, my goal for each student continues to be what I will refer to often as the "confident student."

In doing so, you can expect for your child to be challenged with high expectations that will drive them to become stronger academically, behaviorally and socially.

I believe that in order for a student to begin to believe that they can be a confident student, they must speak it into existence.

In doing so, students will hear the following words of affirmation each day:

I am Somebody.

I am Capable and Loveable.

I am Teachable

Therefore, I can Learn.

I will not waste Time


It is too Valuable

And I am too Precious and Bright.

I am Somebody.

So, your first assignment with your child is for you and your child to learn the above statement of affirmation.

I encourage you to recite this at home with your child to help build the foundation for what will be a lifetime of learning.

I am thrilled to begin another wonderful school year and look forward to meeting each and every one of you.


Jodie Johnson

Hamilton Elementary Principal

(440) 284-8007

[email protected]

Jodie Johnson

Jodie Johnson

Joel Melvin

Joel Melvin
Assistant Principal